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  Trophies, Prizes, Gifts and Awards

Trophies & Awards
Art of Curling prints are formatted beautifully as keeper trophies for club bonspiels, provincial championships or any other curling event. The variety of images available allows each player on the team to receive a different print

Dean’s affordable curling art offers the ideal solution for any
bonspiel or event prize table

A wonderful gift for the fellow curler, any time of the year

Art Cards
Art of Curling 4 packs and 8 packs are now available in the variety of stock curling images

Added Value
Art of Curling framed prints can be personalized with an inscription relating to the event or occasion on the back of the print.

Each framed print is individually signed with a description of what’s inside the art on the back of the three available frame sizes:
6” x 8” – 8”x 10” – 11”x 14”

If you wish to purchase unframed curling art please contact Dean for available format options

Custom Orders

Reprints of stock imagery or commissioned art for exclusive prints are effective options to customize an order for your event.