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  Stand on Guard Stand on Guard

This image was created to capture the essence of hockey in Canada.
Its name is appropriately inspired by our National Anthem.


Fore Eagle

Fore Eagle

I was contacted by a gentleman named Graham who previously purchased my curling art. This time he was in search of golf art for a 25th anniversary golf tournament. Shortly thereafter “Fore Eagle” was created and specialized prints were produced with the 25th anniversary inscription as part of the image for tournament trophies. This print is ideal as an award, keeper trophy, prize or gift to a friend.
  Gold Winged Owl Gold Winged Owl

A fellow curler named Bruce from my home club inquired as to whether I had ever considered creating a piece of art for motorcycles. Until that moment I certainly hadn’t! Bruce was looking for trophies for a Gold Wing Road Rally. It took some time but after studying my new subject I finally came up with a piece I was pleased with. This image is available in both print and art card format.
  Home of Generations Home of Generations

This drawing was created to commemorate a house that was home to generations of family memories. The family produced prints of the house for each generation to enjoy.
  Island Spirit Island Spirit

I was privileged to create an exclusive image for the 2005 Ford Men’s World Curling Championship, hosted by Victoria, BC. The goal was to create a unique image that captured the essence of Vancouver Island for gifts to all of the competitors.